Beauty Brand I Swear By – MAC Cosmetics


This is a guest post by Country meet City

Last time we wrote about how to care for your lips to maximize your perfect pout. We need to gush about our love for MAC Cosmetics.

As you can probably tell, we are both bold brow and lips gals and love to extenuate both when we put on our makeup.

We recently had to have our makeup done for a photoshoot and booked MAC to make us pretty and were amazed at all the products used on us. Our top favorite products now are:


MAC Prep + Prime Lip – We both use a lot of lipstick on a daily basis and were finding our lips were drying out really fast (especially with matte lipstick).

Our makeup artist at MAC suggested that we use the Prep + Prime Lip.

It’s a colorless base to wear under your lipstick that adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips.

It really is a wonder product and we honestly don’t know how we had survived this long until discovering this product. It’s a life saver!!


MAC Eye Brows – We have experimented with a lot of different eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels but hadn’t found anything that we were ga-ga over until we tried the MAC Eye Brows.

We were amazed at how well it glided and filled our brows.  The stick is a self-propelling and self-sharpening brow definer that adds shape, color, and density to your brows.

This is an essential for us when getting ready in the morning.

Both of these MAC products are staples in our makeup bags and both really work amazingly.

If you have brow game and like the perfect pout we highly recommend you try these products out! You will not be disappointed!


-Country meet City

Two best friends – Kay and Lacey – with a love for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Kay is from a small town in Ontario and Lacey is from a farm in Saskatchewan. Our love for the small city and local atmosphere of Ottawa brought us here years ago, allowing our country roots to harmonize with our city life.