My Sensational Vitamin Cocktail


This is a guest post by Sophia Smith 

I think I can say this on behalf of all the ladies around the world: Pretty skin is on top of our wish-list.

Well, I while ago I thought I could only dream of having a healthy glowing skin. Instead, I have faced with the all-around-hated question “Are you tired?” even when I was not tired at all. Still, my skin looks tired, uneven, grayish and dry.

I have used all the creams and lotions that should solve this problem, but nothing was helping. I

n the end, I have realized that my skin is simply a reflection of my inner health, so I have decided to take a bit different approach.

Changing my diet, increasing the intake of vitamins and minerals and getting more quality sleep have done miracles for me.

I will share my secret for changing the appearance of the skin from within with you.


Beauty Sleep and Diet Changes

The phrase “beauty sleep” is much more than a simple phrase. In fact, while I was doing my research about what can have negative impacts on my skin, I have found out that poor sleeper’s skin ages quicker and that it recovers slower from negative outer influences.

That is why I try to have my 6 to 9 hours a sleep per night. Also, after I have found out how some foods can be a true hazard for my skin and complexion, I am trying to avoid them.

If you want to follow my lead, steer away from processed foods, mystery meat (e.g. hot-dogs), fried foods and hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, coloring and flavoring, too much sugar or caffeine.


Vitamins for Gorgeous Skin

Besides all those changes I have mentioned above, what made the biggest difference for my skin’s health is the choice and a number of vitamins I started using, whether through fruits and veggies or through supplements.

Here are some of my skin’s best friends from the Kingdom of Vitamins.


Vitamin C is not only protecting my skin from the sun, but it is also reducing the signs of aging.

What a miracle worker, right?

It is so efficient because of the richness of antioxidants and its important role in collagen production. I see no reason not to enrich your diet with peppers, oranges, broccoli, etc.

Vitamin E is hydrating my skin from the inside, and we all know how important hydration is.

That is why, even when I am in a hurry, I visit my favorite vitamin shop online and order my daily dose. As for the food rich in it, spinach and nuts are my weapons of choice.

Vitamin A is the bye-bye to wrinkles. It is smoothing out the skin and reducing signs of aging. It contains retinol, antioxidant that is boosting collagen production and fighting discoloration.

Get your daily dose of this magic vitamin with sweet potato, leafy greens, and carrots.

Vitamin K will get you through the sleepless nights, or at least help you look as if you have had your 8 hours of beauty sleep.

It eliminates the black circles around the eyes and heals the skin. Eat your way to the K with asparagus, basil, kale, etc.


There is no bartender in the world which could make you a more useful cocktail than this.

Try it, you have nothing to lose and soft skin and beautiful complexion to gain.

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