Beauty Tip I Swear By: Micellar Water


This is a guest post by Lee Rogers

Having sensitive skin, I’ve tried a ton of different makeup removers. I also have very dry skin so most makeup removers are super drying on my skin.

Micellar water has by far been the best I’ve tried. Micellar water is formed from tiny micelles (tiny oils) suspended in water.

The way it works is that the micelles are attracted to oils, grime and dirt on your face.

I’ve been using the Simple Micellar Water (only 6$!) and it has definitely changed my skincare routine.

I pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad and take my make-up off that way.



With my eye makeup, I like to hold the cotton pad on my eye for a few minutes to break up the mascara, eyeliner, etc so it’s really easy to get off my eyes.

You might want to go over with another eye makeup remover if you use waterproof products but for the most part – it’s a great makeup remover!

The best thing about Micellar water is that it still leaves your skin super moisturized and not irritated after you remove your makeup or wash your face with it.

My face feels so refreshed and clean after using it, which is a huge plus in my book! I often found other make-up removers to leave my face feeling dry and greasy but no Micellar water!


Lee is a photographer and blogger based out of Atlanta, GA. She focuses on inexpensive fashion and beauty.