How to Transition Your Summer Makeup into Fall Look


This is a guest post by Sophia Smith

Romantic and poetic, gothic or rock chic, classic elegance and so on – in autumn, all make-up looks are allowed to welcome the arrival of cold weather.

The days of creamy skin and tanned cheeks were done when we said goodbye to summer.

With the coming fall, it is time to return to the eyeliners, bold lipsticks, and intense blushes. Now off to your brushes!


Treat your skin well

Every year we enjoy the sun and sea, and even though we think that our skin is grateful, the consequences can be visible when it is already too late. That is why we need to feed and hydrate the skin the best we can when summer months are over in order to keep it healthy and smooth.


Face scrubs will remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and clogged pores. Spots and freckles from the sun caused by the loss of collagen will be less pronounced, and facial skin firmer and smoother.

A good moisturizer will help the skin reduce the negative effects of the sun, sea, and chlorine.

Moisturizing face masks are best for your skin after the hot summer days, and they should be used at least twice a week in order to regenerate the skin as soon as possible.

Autumnal lips

With the warmest season gone, the fluorescent and bright lipsticks should be replaced with richer, vivid colors that are characteristic of autumn, such as wine, red or pale pink.

On the other hand, glowy lip effect resists the arrival of the new season.

The technique is ideal for bringing a touch of sparkle to your makeup for a beautifully radiant look. So, opting for a matte lipstick or keeping the soft creamy lip – everything is in the spirit of fall.


Matte base

For exceptional coverage and a perfect lasting power, it is time to return to the foundations and leave behind tinted moisturizers and bb creams.

Start with good preparation of the skin and ensure that the makeup would not fade. Finish the look with matte powder.

Striking eyes

Cat-Eye is perfect for all seasons, but for the fall, the outline should be a little sharper and more defined.

It is recommended to apply the eyeshadow to your eyelids first to have a basis for eyeliner and give depth to your eyes.


Use liquid liner or pointed brush to achieve a beautiful definition! Shades of gray highlight blue eyes perfectly while warm earthy colors suit brown and green eyes extremely well.

Always add a touch of mascara for a captivating look.

Intense cheeks

Cheeks with intense color are perfect for cooler days. A cream blush is ideal since it remains perfectly fixed on windy days.

The vivid and intense yet natural-looking colors are popular for this fall season. If you are missing your holiday tan create an illusion by applying bronzer on your cheeks.

But be careful to keep a light hand.

The application must be done delicately for a natural, golden complexion.


Go naked

Opposite to the bold looks of autumn, there is also a ‘naked’ trend that many people fell in love with. The makeup look without makeup is back.

And this time, the skin should be kept as bare as possible.

Rather than applying the foundation all over the face, use a concealer only on the areas where you need it the most.


The trends of autumn 2015 give new cravings! While saying goodbye to summer, change your beauty routine for a sharp look and a sublime makeup.

This fall, the makeup is meant to be elegant and sophisticated, but most importantly, it is all about expressing oneself.
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