How to Adapt Hot Trends in Kids Fashion


This is a guest post by Sophia Smith

Gone are the days when there was a special fashion for kids which included a bunch of pink fluffy stuff for the girls and blue items for the boys.

Today, children’s fashion is developing simultaneously with adults’ clothing trends.


It is common to find mini-me items that are almost the same as the pieces intended for grownups.

This is something that is making both the kids and the parents happy. Children are looking up to them and love to copy their style, while parents enjoy styling their little ones after themselves.

Mini Vintage

Fashion has been going crazy about the vintage styles for years now. Finally, our little ones are a part of this major trend. Little girls will look amazing in polka-dot sweaters or dresses.

Combining it with washed out jeans and adding some adorable oxford-style shoes to the mixture will create a ‘wow’ effect.

Mixing and matching patterns are also great if you know how to do it right.


For boys, the vintage look can be accomplished with corduroy pants, suspenders and paper boy hats. All other variations of retro style are allowed.

Trending Colours

 Just as with styles, the colours from the grownups’ catwalks can be easily translated into kids’ fashion.

The most popular shade is of Pantone’s colour of the year, marsala, a captivating wine-like shade that is a great choice for both girls’ and boys’ pants, sweaters and footwear.


Other colours that should find a place in your kids’ wardrobes are royal blue, metallic silver, navy blue, mandarin, powder pink and all shades of grey. All of these colours, except for powder pink are great for both girls’ and boys’ clothing.

Our favourite colour combination is royal blue and grey or navy and marsala.

We Love: Urban Rock Look

The winner of street style is rock ‘n’ roll with a twist, both for kids and their parents.

Dressing the kids in leather and black can seem a bit gloomy. That is why you can tone down the combination by adding some joyful patterns.

For instance, light blue jeans and a black leather jacket combined with floral motifs t-shirt is a great way to go.

You should adapt the style to your kids’ unique personality. Start shopping together from their early age.

To save some money along the way and avoid during-the-shopping-awkwardness, buy online in websites with affordable kids’ wear, such as a swap.


A Touch of Boho

Bohemian style has been around for some time now. The reason it survived so many other trends is the joyfulness in its simplicity.

That is why this is the perfect style for children too. They will have fun creating their outfits and enjoy the comfort of the loose boho clothes.


The basic rule of boho chic is to wear earthy tones that are in harmony with nature. Loose white shirts and wide-legs pants are the perfect combinations.

Colourful jewellery is a great way to involve the kids in the process. Together, you can make unique accessories for the whole family.

That will help the kids develop creativity and understanding of fashion in their early years.

The fashion industry has provided us with great ways to enjoy choosing outfits for our kids, and teach them to do the same.

Who knows, maybe, because of this, your little beginner fashionista will grow up to be a fashion icon?

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