Beauty Tip I Swear By: White Eyeliner


Guest post by Emma Egan 

The first thing I usually notice about a person is their eyes. However, there are some days when I leave the house and hope that no one notices mine!

A bad night’s sleep,  crying at a romcom,  hayfever or even dreaded PMS fluid retention can leave my eyes looking tired, lifeless and smaller than usual.

That’s why the beauty tip I swear by is using white eyeliner.

Applying it to your water line makes your eyes look so much bigger.  If I’m feeling especially tired and want to make myself look a little bit more awake (which is very often because I’m far too busy to have early nights) I’ll also use the white pencil to line my top lash line.

It may sound a bit strange, but if it’s blended properly I promise you this little trick looks really natural and works great.

I use Mac’s Eye Kohl pencil in ‘Fascinating’ and would thoroughly recommend it if you’re looking for a white eyeliner.

It applies so smoothly, can be blended easily and is so long-lasting.

Have you ever used the white eyeliner trick?

What are some of the beauty tips you swear by? Thanks so much for reading and also to Jaclyn for asking me to be a part of this series!

Emma xx


Hi, I’m Emma, a 19-year-old student teacher, blogger, Internet addict and outdoors lover from Scotland. You can find me at where I post a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts.