How to Treat Your Body Right



Guest post by Sophia Smith 

“If you don’t take care of your body, your body won’t take care of you.”

There is so much truth in this sentence. If, however, you treat your body as you should, it will reward you tenfold.

You might wonder what you are doing wrong now, if you, for instance, exercise regularly. It is important to know, that care for the body also requests care for the nutrition and mental health.

All of these things put together to make your body a healthy place to live in, so they mustn’t be ignored.


Many people later in their lives paid for being young and reckless at some point, so it is the best to start as early as it gets. How about now?

Eat Your Way to Health

There is no doubt that diet should be carefully thought through, because, if not done right, it can bring more wrongs than benefits.

The first thing you must know is that healthy diet translates to a balanced diet.

The appropriate amount of each food group should be a part of your meals: carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes), protein from non-dairy products (beans, meat, fish), dairy (milk and cheese) and fruit and vegetables (the source of many vitamins needed for a healthy body).


Overly processed food (high in refined sugars, saturated fats, additives, and chemicals) should be avoided.

If you are passionate for sweet treats, try to enjoy them moderately. Don’t smoke and steer away from alcohol whenever possible.

Let’s Get Physical

Finding the right physical activity to match your lifestyle and your overall fitness can mean different things to different persons.

To some people, it is regular walking or yoga, while for others it is hitting the gym or doing some team sports.

Regardless of your choice, you can make a healthy habit of small things such as morning 5-minute-exercises, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, going on foot wherever possible, etc.

Persons who are sitting at work for a long time should at least get up every 45 minutes to keep the blood flowing.

On the other hand, those whose work demands hours of standing or moving, can later on in their life experience veins problems, which are not that rare for women in their 20s too.

Some of these problems need to be handled with professional care. Sclerotherapy can successfully solve problems with varicose and spider veins.



Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

Some psychologists, like Louise Hay, advocate a theory that negative thoughts and unsolved conflicts reflect on our body in a way that is creating physical problems and worsening our health.

That’s why it is crucial to love, appreciate and nourish our bodies, and they’ll return it in vitality, beauty, and health.

Meditation, spending time in nature, sleeping well and proper breathing bring more benefits than we can even realize.

Sleep has a vital role in maintaining your body healthy because it influences proper brain function and emotional wellbeing.

In fact, ongoing sleep deprivation can increase the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney diseases.

Besides supplying our bodies with oxygen and getting rid of waste products and toxins, breathing properly is helping us focus on our daily tasks.


Only a healthy and well cared for the body can overcome all the negative outer influences you are facing on a day to day basis. So, make sure you are ready for them.

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